I LOVE to write. Something about being able to get my words down onto (albeit sometimes digital) paper feels so good for my soul. Quite often, particularly when I get an idea into my brain, the words come pouring out and I post them here. Enjoy. :)

Reflections on 2014 – and Hopes for 2015

Although I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the past year privately to myself in the past few weeks, I thought it would be nice to share this with everyone else – and also give you a little insight to […]

Rachilli 2015 Daily Calendar Printables

The community for the NiceOps Planathon was incredibly supportive and it wasn’t long before we started discussing 2015 planners. There are so many beautiful planners out there – but not one that really fit with exactly what I wanted to […]

Announcing: The Freelancers’ Hub

Part of the struggle I’ve had with this is that by trying to hone in on my other audiences and the type of people I’d love to work with – namely wonderful entrepreneurs who have set up shop themselves but […]

Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome

I very nearly didn’t publish this post, as I feel that I would have little to add to these experiences. While I don’t personally have any mental issues such as depression or anything remotely as bad, I’ve known many people […]

Freelancing: The Questions (Part 2)

The Questions To make your life a little bit easier, I’ve listed all of the questions in this post here – just click each one to get to the relevant question, if you don’t want to read through them all. […]

Freelancing: The Questions (Part 1)

The response I had was phenomenal and I’ve had so many good questions come in. There are that many – and my responses so long, in some cases – that I’ve decided to split this up into two parts. Part […]

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