There are quite a few tools I use to run my business. These tools are all investments – for me, they pay back way more to me than I end up spending on them. I’m asked all the time what tools I use and so I decided to make a list here.

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I may make a commission if you choose to purchase through my link. Let me reassure you though – I would NEVER recommend something without using it every day in my business myself. Purchasing through my affiliate links is a way you can help support me & my business – but if you’d rather not, feel free to google the companies yourself and buy them that way. Whatever feels best to you, lovely!

Digital Products


Coach is the best platform out there to sell your digital products online. I truly believe that. With excellent customer service, constant improvements & new features, and the most polished checkout and learning experience I’ve ever seen, your customers will love you for using Coach.

Email Marketing


I am a ConvertKit Certified Expert and I’m proud to say I was Customer #99 EVER for ConvertKit! I’ve been around since the tool was in its infancy and have seen it grow into the incredibly powerful tool it is today. As a Certified Expert, you can grab a free month’s trial of ConvertKit by using my link – or find out more about my ConvertKit services.



I was really lucky to get on the beta for Demio before it was released to the public and again have seen the platform grow to what it is today – with constant improvements, an incredible support team and – most importantly! – an incredible webinar experience for my audience, I can’t recommend Demio enough.

Web Hosting


My web host of choice are Guru. They are backed by UKDedicated, a leading UK web host, and I can truly say they’re the best web hosts I’ve ever used. Their support is better than any I’ve used before and they consistently go above & beyond to help me out and deliver the best service they can. Host in the US? I’d recommend WP Engine!

Client Management System


Dubsado is one of the newest tools on this list for me, and is one of my very favourites. Dubsado is my client management or relationship system (CRM) of choice – it helps me to automate tons of the moving parts in my business (quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, etc) and make the experience for my 1:1 clients the absolute very best that it can be. 🙂

Online Forms & Surveys


If you can’t already tell, I love being an early adopter to a service! While everyone else is crazy about Typeform, I’m a huge fan of the Aussie-based Paperform. I can create incredibly simple OR complex forms and surveys and use this all over my business.

My Secret Weapon


I consider Zapier my secret weapon because it helps me to create incredibly powerful integrations between various tools – in particular, when they don’t have direct integrations with each other. The great thing about Zapier is how easy it is to make really complex connections and make more use of the products that you use.

Planning & Notes


I’ve tried to get away from them, and every time I end up back with Evernote. I use Evernote for everything – general note-taking, planning and organising my blog posts and content calendar.