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Crafting authentic brands for independent creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I help purpose-driven independent creatives, small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business and create more impact by teaching them how to align their brand and business authentically with their goals, unique personality and mission.
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Hey lovely! I’m Rachel, and it’s so good to see you around here. ?

I’m an award-winning designer and photographer, published author and logo designer - but most importantly, I care about nothing more than helping you to embrace your unique superpowers and your values to create + cultivate a brand that’s as special as you are.

I have created my own signature branding process and whether we work together to craft your new brand identity, or I teach you how to brand your business authentically yourself, we follow the same intuitive system that I’ve developed since I first started my business in 2012.

We’ll dive deep into your vision for your work, evaluate and define your work’s mission, and create a set of core brand values that reflect your personality and will guide everything you’re here to do through your business.

I truly believe that when we step out into the world as our most authentic selves, we encourage others to do the same – and we connect with the people that need us the most. And that ripple effect starts now – with you, lovely.
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I’m a huge believer in carving your own path in this thing we call ‘running a business’, but when it comes to helping you with your branding follow the path that matches your own as closely as possible:

I need help to communicate my values to my audience through my brand + website.

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I need help with developing my mission + figuring out what's really needed in my brand.

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I want a new brand identity that captures my personality + work but aligns with my values.

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