The Brand Map Toolkit Course

Is trying to figure out the next steps in your business stopping you from taking action on the big vision for your work?

For years, I felt exactly the same way - unable to move forward for fear of making the wrong move, creating the wrong thing, or launching the wrong service. I felt so stuck trying to figure out what my next steps were, that I worked overtime on #allthethings and #alltheideas, rarely launching a finished product or service to the world.

It made me feel like I was a failure and question what I was even doing running my own business. Meanwhile, I’d compare myself to everyone else I saw online who was launching things ‘successfully’, and wonder what I was doing wrong, and ask myself why that couldn’t be me.

It wasn’t until I followed the process I lead my clients through that I realised I had to create a plan of action, a map of sorts, to help me get to where I needed to go. But this wasn’t a map that followed what everyone else said you should do, as is so often the case in the online world. It had to be a map that came from alignment and trust of my own intuition and inner guidance. It had to be a map based on my own vision for my work, not just what I thought I should want from my business.

I had to create my own Brand Map.

And by teaching you the Brand Map Method, I can help you to create yours.

Introducing: The Brand Map Toolkit

A mini online course that will walk you through my five-step process to go from stressed + unsure to calm + confident in exactly what your vision is - and how to take steps forward to get you there.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in The Brand Map Toolkit:

Part 1: Your Vision + Mission.

Here we’ll dive deep into the ‘why’ of your business. We’ll start building (or re-imagining) the foundations of your brand and take a good look at WHY you’re doing what you do, the vision your soul has for your work, and the big, long-term goals that you have for your business.

Part 2: Your Story.

What makes us all truly special is our story: our unique reasons behind why we do what we do, and what brought us to this place. It’s in sharing your story that you’ll be able to find true and meaningful connection with your audience, and build your brand on a foundation of truth, vulnerability and true authenticity.

Part 3: Your Brand Values.

Our next step is to figure out your brand values. I’ll also help you see why your values can shift + evolve just as you do, and show you how to use your values as the number one decision making tool in your business. I’ll also give you tips for how to put your values into practice in your daily business life.

Part 4: Your Visuals.

Here comes the fun bit! You might already have a brand, but I’ll show you how to go about creating smart brand visuals both based on your values and how you want your ideal customers + audience to FEEL when they interact with your brand - not just based on your personal preferences! We’ll review some practical examples and I’ll teach you how to use a mix of your intuition + brand smarts to choose a visual style that will support your growth.

Part 5: Your Marketing Plan.

Your brand and visuals will only matter if you have a solid plan in place to market your message to the world. The final part of creating your Brand Map will help you to review your existing marketing efforts, and find the points where you feel that you’re struggling - and why. I’ll also help you to come up with some unique brand strategies that feel completely aligned with your own personality + your business goals. No doing what you don’t want to do or that doesn’t feel right here!

All of this comes together to form what I call your Brand Map.

My goal is to have you feeling calm, confident, and courageous enough at the end of this course to own your vision for your business, declare the mission you’re on, and know the exact steps you need + want to take to take action and move forward.

And there might even be an extra little module about how to fully embody your brand and all that you want to be, as you step out into the world with your new Brand Map.

“In your Design School course the Branding-Vision-Values exercises were amazing, and really guided me towards my voice. And they solidified My Why! You are a master at this Rachel. Thank you. 💕”
Susan Elizabeth Bernard
Advanced Chic

It might feel like this is some sort of unicorn, or magic answer...

And I'm sorry to say: it's NOT.

But what it IS?

It's a chance to take a step back and review the things I KNOW will make a difference to your bottom line - both in time + money.

The Brand Map is not a unicorn, or a silver bullet, or a magic answer. But it IS a process that can help you get huge amounts of clarity on what REALLY matters to you - and help you figure out an (aligned) way to get there.
"Rachel was a dream to work with when I was ready for a grown-up brand that reflected the work I was already doing with clients. She helped to identify exactly what I wanted my brand to reflect even though I didn't know the words to describe what I wanted.

If you're looking for someone to help you breathe new life into your brand or figure out what it should be in the first place, I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough."
Tressa Beheim
Online Business Manager,  Tressa Beheim

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