About Me + You

When most online creative entrepreneur brands are full of gold textures, script fonts and flat-lay stock photos, it can be pretty hard to stand out if you follow the crowd.

I know that you have a unique message + story that the world needs to hear – but if you’re anything like my other creative clients, you’re lacking confidence and you’re playing small within your business. And you know that it’s your brand design that’s holding you back and stopping you from living up to your true potential.

At 11 years old, I taught myself how to code, and started designing graphics for my own websites. A few years later, I was accepted a year early at age 17 onto a HND in Interactive Media. Even though I was mostly self-taught by this point, I ended up helping teach the class on web design because I already knew the learning materials inside and out!

Since then, I’ve worked at numerous full-service graphic, web design and SEO agencies before breaking out on my own in 2012.

With over 8 years of professional experience at what I do, and over 5 of them in running my own business, I’ve often had clients wonder how on earth I know precisely what they’re going through and my reply is simple: I’ve been through it too.

Beyond that – I also understand exactly what it’s like to fear to step up in that bigger, larger way that you know needs to happen if you want to reach more people and grow your business.

I’ve learned how to embrace vulnerability within the ways I show up in the world and after years of playing small, I’ve now come through the other side, where I can now say that I have a business + brand that supports my growth, rather than slowing it.

And that’s where my work comes in – having been through this experience myself, I know exactly what needs to be done to help creative folks just like you figure out how to show up in the world in bigger, bolder ways.

And it’s not just me saying that! I’ve got numerous podcast episodes, articles, interviews, talks on stage and two awards under my belt to back me up.

A few more fun facts about me —

:: I’m all about community + connection. I’m a community creator as well as lurker, and love nothing more than meeting new people – even though I’m an INFJ to a T.

:: My 2 fur-babies are my LIFE. Storm + Jasper are part-black-lab, part-border-collie and are the light + laughter in my everyday. You won’t find me far from them, and if I meet up with you it’s likely I’ll show you pictures on my phone… 🙈

:: I’m one of the biggest geeks you’ll ever meet. HTML + CSS are like second languages to me and I’m a lover of superheroes, Harry Potter, and most other geeky things you can think of. 😉 (When it comes to superheroes – Wonder Woman is my idol, Iron Man is my fave, and Jean Grey (The Phoenix) is my inspiration.)

:: I’ve spoken on stage 12 times! I’ve given talks about everything from discovering your inner superhero, to web accessibility, to how we react to fear. I’m all about being vulnerable + sharing my story with the world – if it can help one person, I’m happy.

:: I’m a born-and-bred Northern city girl (Manchester, here in the UK) – but I dream of living close to the sea, where the air is lighter and so is my soul.

:: I’m a lover of smiley faces, use emoji in practically every sentence I write, and love to call people ‘lovely’. 🙂