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Do you ever feel like your brand or website aren’t performing as well as they could?

You might feel like you’re struggling to connect with your audience, or convert your website visitors into customers and clients. Either way, I can help you review your brand and online presence, or up to 4 pages on your website and answer the questions you’ve got for me.

If you're feeling like any of the following is true...

  • You are struggling to connect with your audience, and feel like you’re not sure if you have a good brand voice or cohesive message.
  • You know that you’re getting plenty of visitors to your site, but they’re not signing up to your email list or purchasing from you.
  • Your brand feels visually tired but you’re not sure where to start with a new brand design - or if you even need one?!
  • Something just doesn’t feel quite right about your brand, but you can’t put your finger on what it is. (I have an eye for these things!)
  • You want to know how to infuse more of your personality into your brand but don’t know where to start.
  • You simply don't know where to start with figuring out what's working and what isn't with your brand and website.

I can help you with all of that! And so much more.

Interested? Book now!

My reviews are designed to help you figure out where the problem lies, and what you can do to fix it.

How does it work?

1. First of all, you book your review. Most reviews are delivered within 7 days, but I'll be in touch soon after booking to confirm when your review will be delivered. The current wait time for all reviews is available on the booking page.

2. You then fill out a questionnaire where you tell me all the struggles you’re having with your brand, what you need reviewing, and why. I then go through this myself in advance of your review, to make sure I can cover every single thing you’re wanting me to.

3. I then record myself reviewing your brand and website, and answering the questions you’ve asked. I’ll make recommendations and also let you know what you’re doing well! (Because, believe me, even if you’re unsure there’ll be things you’re doing right!) You’ll receive a link to your video, which will be private + password protected so nobody but you can see it.

4. I will also provide you with a downloadable PDF with my recommendations and what you’re already doing brilliantly with your brand. This will include a completely customised-to-you list of recommendations, reiterating what I’ve mentioned in the video - but what’s special about this is that I also give you actionable steps to take to implement and improve your brand!

And if, on top of that, you choose to work with me to implement those changes? I will gift you a free, bonus hour to use towards the estimated cost. 💜

"First of all - BIG WIN ALERT!!! FIRST INQUIRY FROM MY WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA!! Less than 1 week after Rachel's website review :D"
Mer Morrison
Personal Trainer, 

Fit and Flair with Mer
"Thanks so much Rachel!!! 🙌😁 I definitely agree about streamlining the Process page with imagery and LOVE separating the slider into various headers! Genius!"
Diana Delaney
Owner & Principal,  Bachelor by Design

What you'll get:

A questionnaire for you to ask me all the questions you’re dying to ask about how to improve your brand, website, or both. It'll be short but sweet, including all the essential questions I need to know to complete your review.
A recorded video of me reviewing either your brand, where I will look at your brand across various channels, or your up to 4 individual pages on your website - or both - and assess the performance of your brand.
A custom Brand Report PDF that will let you know what I think you’re doing brilliantly, and what I think could be improved. I’ll give you solid actionable steps to take away to implement in your brand or website.
And if you decide to work with me on implementing those changes you’ll receive £60 off (equivalent to 1-hour free!) on the estimate I provide to you, as a thank you for booking the review and then taking action.
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"Rachel - thank you so much! This is super helpful. This is great timing because I myself was feeling the need to get more narrow and descriptive in my target market and that was one of your suggestions.

In answer to your question - I would say my target market is someone fresh out the gate, brand new to their business; although I have also helped those who have been in business a few years but wanted to return to their purpose. (I would still say my sweet spot is newbies.) So I will craft my messaging around that.

I love your suggestions to include how I specifically help i.e., changing "Success on your terms" to "I can help you define success on your terms." That is perfect and an easy fix. Very useful! Thank you so much for your time and feedback!"
Stacey Hagen
Coach + Founder,  Create Coaching & Consulting

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