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Let’s create a truly unforgettable brand and online experience for your business together.

My signature branding process is an intuitive system: a proven, step-by-step process that we follow together to create a purpose-filled brand that shines a light on your creativity to the world, without sacrificing your values or soul.

Your beautiful brand starts from within.

And believe me when I say that I know you have what it takes to create the business of your dreams. You’ve got so many ideas and know exactly what you want to be working on.

But am I right in thinking that when it comes to your current brand, it just doesn’t match up to the quality of your work? And when it comes to branding your biz, you’re fighting overwhelm and have no idea what to do next? I’m also willing to bet that you’re unsure of who to turn to, with so much conflicting advice on what a good brand ‘should’ be.

I’m here to help you craft a brand that’s undeniably ‘you’ and a website and online presence that gives you the platform you need to share your message with the world.

I know exactly how you’re feeling – because I’ve been there too. Even as a designer - and someone that's been in business for over 6.5 years! - I know exactly what it feels like to not know your next steps in your business and knowing deep inside that you’re meant for more, but you’re lacking the confidence to step out in the way you KNOW you want to.

My branding experience is all about taking what’s on the inside – your heart, your values, and your incredible vision – and bringing all of that out into the real world. Together, we’ll create a stunning visual brand, online presence + website that gives you the confidence to embrace all of who you are, and communicate with your audience with clarity.

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To create a brand that supports all of your goals, and encourages you to grow, you need someone to take away the overwhelm and who can partner on this journey knowing exactly how you’re feeling every step of the way.

And that’s where I step in!

I’ll help transform your relationship with your brand and business, cut through the noise and give you action-steps to follow to keep growing your business, all while I work alongside you to create a visually stunning brand that communicates your values + message with power + purpose.

You’re ready to share your words with the world. You’re ready to connect with your audience on a deeper level. And you’re more than ready to step forward as the creative entrepreneur and brilliant business owner that you KNOW you are meant to be.

The Inside-Out Brand Experience

My signature 4-8-week process takes you from brand-overwhelm to beautiful-brand in-yo-hands! I set you up with all you need to grow your business with confidence: from the branding essentials you’ll need all the way through to a connection-and-conversion focused website, and any other marketing materials you might need.

With your online presence transformed, your brand and message will have the perfect platform to leap from.

Here’s a little look at what’s included…

Brand Strategy + Research

Brand Map Session, where we delve into your vision + mission, values, and marketing efforts

A custom brand strategy plan full of actionable to-dos.

A beautiful custom mood-board to set the tone of the project moving forward.

Brand Identity Design

Full values-infused brand identity design, including:

Custom main logo design

Alternate logo design

Logo mark/symbol design

Brand colour palette

Brand typography

Brand patterns/textures

Website Design & Development

Only included in the Brand + Website package.

A fully customised, brand-infused website design with 8 custom pages.

Built on the WordPress platform or on the ShowIt platform.

Fully responsive design.

Built with SEO & your personality in mind.

Easy to manage, built for growth.

Installation of my must-use + most recommended plugins, also including premium plugins

Brand + Marketing Collateral

Your choice of 3 from:

  • business cards
  • opt-in design
  • content upgrades
  • pricing sheets
  • media kit
  • thank you notecards
  • postcards
  • social media images.

A brand board, to give you an at-a-glance snapshot of your visual brand style

A set of brand guidelines, to help you communicate what your brand visual styles should be for anyone on your team that comes into contact with your brand

The Process

My brand and website transformation start from the very beginning, focusing on your brand values and what makes YOU unique – what I like to call your inner superhero.

1. Brand Map Session

We start by establishing your brand foundations. We look at three main areas: vision; values; and marketing.

2. Mood Board Design

Once we have your brand foundations in place, we create a mood board that captures the visual tone + style for your brand.

3. Brand  Design

We then create values-infused visual brand items that will help support your goals + vision for your business.

4. Website Design (Plus package only)

We then take your branding elements and infuse them into a connection-and-conversion focused website design.

5. Brand Collateral

To help you connect further with your audience, we then design a collection of branding + marketing materials for your brand.

6. Launch time!

I'll be on hand to give you ideas for your launch based on your values + vision, and help you launch your beautiful new brand to the world!

7. Design Partnership

If you choose to, we can continue to establish your brand over time through my Design Partnership packages, where I offer ongoing design support for your business.
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Why is this a transformation?

I remember very clearly the moment that I realised I was stepping into my most authentic self. I was no longer confined by the boundaries set on me by myself and society. I realised that to be my most authentic self, all I had to do was show up, be vulnerable, and speak my truth.

Having a beautiful visual brand alongside this enables you to share your message on a larger scale with the world. It gives you the power to step up, to be noticed, and to connect on a deeper level with your audience.

It showcases all that you are to the world, unapologetically.

It’s true that your brand is the cornerstone of your business.

I see it as one of the founding pillars that gives your business stability and the strength to stand up on its own two feet and be seen.

My signature process is a complete transformation of who you used to be, and what your brand used to look like, to becoming your most authentic self, stepping out with confidence on your message and values, and having a beautiful, visual brand that communicates all of this with purpose + crystal-clear clarity.

We purposely dive inside-out within your business, within your brand, and within your own self, so that we can create a truly authentic brand that speaks your values, helps communicate your message with clarity, and gives YOU the confidence you need to grow your business even more.

This signature package gives you everything you may need to go out into the world and share your message and work with confidence and clarity.

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"I was struggling to communicate my style visually - aesthetically, my brand felt duct-taped together and inconsistent. I know what I stand for and what I want to be known for, but I didn't feel that the look of my business fully conveyed that, or the feelings I want to evoke through the visuals of my brand.

You made abstract ideas into concrete ones, and you helped me turn my vague preferences about what I like visually into solid direction - which is something I've been struggling to do. Now, I feel confident in being able to explain what I like and what I don't when it comes to how I present my brand visually, and how I can emphasize the best parts of me and my business through design."
Natalie Taylor
The Missing Ink

Want to experience this kind of rebrand for yourself?

Lovely, I'd be honoured to help you out.


Simply choose from the options below, and then hit the Apply button to pop your details over to me to get the process started!

The Brand Only Experience

4 weeks


Brand Map Session

Brand Map doc

Custom logo design

Alternate logo design

Logo mark design

Brand colour palette

Brand typography

Brand pattern / textures

3 items of Brand Collateral

Brand Board

Brand Guidelines

Your investment:


Apply for the Brand Experience

The Brand + Website Experience

8 weeks


Brand Map Session

Brand Map doc

Custom logo design

Alternate logo design

Logo mark design

Brand colour palette

Brand typography

Brand pattern / textures

3 items of Brand Collateral

Brand Board

Brand Guidelines


Custom, brand-infused web design

Built on WordPress or ShowIt

Installation of must-have plugins

Your investment:


Apply for the Brand + Website Experience

Payment plans are available.

Please note: I work with a very limited amount of clients & I am normally booked out at least 2 months in advance.

"Rachel’s high-tech knowledge mixed with wisdom, patience and imagination is the perfect recipe for what I wanted to achieve with my website and business. Before we worked together, I was struggling to create a clear, original message for my business. Rachel’s stimulating questions + method of working helped me get clear on how I wanted my business to be perceived and made for a much better experience than other designers I’ve worked with!"
Rebecca Ronane
Life Coach

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