Brand Map Sessions

A 90-minute intensive 1:1 session to help you create a map for your brand vision, values and visuals.

Go from confused to confident in where your business is heading next - and how to get there.

As a creative solopreneur with big dreams, you know that you need to know the why behind what you do - but how do you take your ‘why’ and then put it into action?

My Brand Map Sessions are purposely designed to help you figure out what truly matters to you with your work, figure out the impact you want to create, and create a map for your business and brand filled with tangible next steps and actions for you to take to move you forward instead of staying stuck.

If you’re suffering from idea overwhelm or content fatigue, you’re not sure how to visually brand your business, maybe you’re early on in your business journey and you feel like you don’t know which is your next best step to take...a brand map session will give you the clarity you need to not only plan out your next moves, but to do so with confidence that you’re heading where you want to go.

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"Rachel was a dream to work with when I was ready for a grown-up brand that reflected the work I was already doing with clients. She helped to identify exactly what I wanted my brand to reflect even though I didn't know the words to describe what I wanted.

If you're looking for someone to help you breathe new life into your brand or figure out what it should be in the first place, I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough."
Tressa Beheim
Online Business Manager,  Tressa Beheim

A typical Brand Map session is split into five parts:

Part 1: Your Vision + Mission.

Here we’ll dive deep into the ‘why’ of your business. We’ll start building (or re-imagining) the foundations of your brand and take a good look at WHY you’re doing what you do, the vision your soul has for your work, and the big, long-term goals that you have for your business.

Part 2: Your Story.

What makes us all truly special is our story: our unique reasons behind why we do what we do, and what brought us to this place. It’s in sharing your story that you’ll be able to find true and meaningful connection with your audience, and build your brand on a foundation of truth, vulnerability and true authenticity.

Part 3: Your Brand Values.

We’ll then chat about your brand values and I’ll even help tease your values out of you, if it’s something you’re struggling with. I’ll also help you see why your values can shift + evolve just as you do, and show you how to use your values as the number one decision making tool in your business. I’ll also give you tips for how to put your values into practice in your daily business life.

Part 4: Your Visuals.

Here comes the fun bit! You might already have a brand, but we’ll chat about creating smart brand visuals both based on your values and how you want your ideal customers + audience to FEEL when they interact with your brand - not just based on your personal preferences! We’ll review some practical examples and I’ll teach you how to use a mix of your intuition + brand smarts to choose a visual style that will support your growth.

Part 5: Your Marketing Plan.

Your brand and visuals will only matter if you have a solid plan in place to market your message to the world. We’ll end by talking about your existing marketing efforts, and where you’re struggling or feeling like your brand falls short. We’ll also come up with some unique brand strategies that feel completely aligned with your own personality + your business goals. No doing what you don’t want to do or that doesn’t feel right here! I’ll also give you tips for embodying your brand and stepping out into the world.

All of this comes together to form what I call your Brand Map.

This is a living, breathing document that I’ll pass back to you after our session is complete and that you can refer to at any point in the future. And the great thing about your Brand Map is that it’s there to grow with you as both you and your business grows.

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The Process

1. Book your session via the button below at a time that suits you best. You’ll have to pay upfront and agree to my session terms before booking.

2. I’ll send you a link to a questionnaire that you’ll have to make sure is filled out at least 48 hours in advance of our session. This helps make sure I’m fully prepared for our call, and can give you the best possible advice!

3. We’ll meet on Zoom when it’s time for your session - you don’t need to do anything else other than show up + be prepared to dive deeply into your business and brand at this point!

4. After the session, I’ll send you a recording of our session together and send you access to view your custom Brand Map in Google Docs.

My signature Brand Map Sessions are a chance to take a deep dive into your business and brand and figure out the nitty gritty details you’ve maaaybe been avoiding.

We’ll review these five foundational aspects of your business and help you to figure out the most authentic + aligned way for you to tackle them and take action to move forward, instead of staying overwhelmed and stuck right where you are now.
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