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For the past 8 years I have been creating incredible designs for my multicultural clients, spanning the globe. My clients are creative entrepreneurs who are always looking for new and innovative ways to get their message across to their audience, and I help them to step up to that next level + share their vision for their work with the world.

My passion is branding, and has been for almost a decade. I get excited at the prospect of amplifying your power; using incredible design and a depth of understanding of how that weaves together for the best possible result.

My brands are living, breathing entities in their own right, not just a colour palette and logo. They are, in essence, your voice and values, wrapped up in an experience that ensures your audience know at an emotional level that they are exactly where they need to be.

Design Services

Currently taking bookings for March 2017 onwards.

Branding Design + Strategy

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business.

A powerful brand has the power to change the world. When your brand truly connects on a deeper level with your audience, they know they’re in the right place to get what they need.

I see my branding work as a collaboration – we work together to create truly beautiful brands that connect with your audience on a deeper level and amplify your message to the masses.

My branding package includes:

  • Detailed discovery stage
  • Mood Board design
  • Logo design, plus alternate logo and logo mark designs
  • Brand typography choices
  • Brand patterns + brand styles for photography, icons + symbols
  • Choice of 3 of the following: business cards, letterheads, media kit, sticker/stamp design, email signature, notecard design, postcard design, social media graphics
  • Brand style guide to teach you how to put your brand into action.

Price starts from £2000.

Payment plans are available. Additional brand collateral can be added for an additional cost.

Website Design + Development

Your website connects with the heart of your audience.

Your website is one of the main ways that your audience + customers connect with you on a deeper level. It’s where your brand comes to life – and where you’ll reach those that truly need your help.

Creating your website together is a collaborative + iterative process – your website will start on a basic level, ensuring all the important elements are in place, and we then will build + evolve your website until it is a spectacular example of your vision + soul brought to life online.

I generally only create websites for clients that work with me on their branding – because to me, we need to infuse your website with your soul essence + vision into every corner of your website.

My branding + website package includes:

  • Everything from the Branding package (see above)
  • Website strategy + Website content workbooks
  • Brand-infused website design
  • Fully responsive design
  • Website development and CMS integration (WordPress, Squarespace, etc)
  • Installation of my most recommended (inc. premium) plugins
  • SEO friendly code and integration
  • Pre-Launch ‘Coming Soon’ page + email newsletter integration
  • Opt-In / Email Newsletter integration
  • Lead magnet / content upgrade design for up to 3 individual blog posts
  • Custom opt-in design
  • Email Newsletter design

Price starts from £4500.

Payment plans are available.

Creative Brand Direction

Helping you delve deep in to all areas of your brand + business, providing recommended changes + holding your hand the whole way.

Today’s world is not static and a truly powerful brand has the power to help change it. I believe wholeheartedly that we all hold the power within us to create real change from the inside out; whether we are a singular person working on our business or a large company with thousands of employees.

A great brand must respond to the world around it; that is where I see a number of brands fall down. Just as today’s world is not static, neither can a truly effective brand be. It must be everywhere that a message needs to be, and today that is on camera, mobile, and beyond.

I offer Creative Direction services to entrepreneurs, companies and organisations that want to truly transform their business creatively + strategically from the inside out.

I work alongside you and your teams to help you create a truly incredible brand + business that starts getting noticed for all the right things. Nothing is too big or scary – in fact, I thrive off a challenge. :)

Working as your Creative Director on a per-project basis, I am able to help with:

  • Stepping into your business with an outsider’s perspective – I am able to spot the missing gaps in your brand + business that can be improved and offer recommendations of changes + updates.
  • Delving deep into your brand, your vision for your business and helping you create a brand mission + brand values that ensure you – and your team(s) – are all working towards the same goals.
  • Motivating everyone in your business – including yourself, and any team members or employees – to reach for a higher goal and be motivated to help share your incredible vision + work with the world.
  • Providing a full-service overview from an expert in branding design, leading me to…
  • Helping guide you to create a strong, powerful brand that works fluidly in today’s world + gives you and your business the room to grow. I can offer advice + recommendations on a number of things, including: branding (all-encompassing – colour palettes, logo styles, image + photography styles through to brand patterns, illustration styles and so on); accessibility for all; messaging + tone of voice for your ideal audience; brand values + brand mission; copywriting advice, content structure + content types; website design style through to website development, integrations and platforms, and; email marketing advice, structure, frequency + style – and more.
  • Working alongside you AND your team(s) within your business to help create real change + evolve your business to a whole new level.

And the reason I am the best person to help you with this is:

  • I have almost a decade’s worth of experience creating incredible designs for clients spanning the globe, and I’ve been coding since I was a teeny 11-years-old. Yep, I was the geek kid in school who was known as the “IT Girl”! (And that’s I-T as in Information Technology, computers, and all that jazz. I most definitely was not the popular girl in school!)
  • My clients are mostly cutting-edge entrepreneurs, from just starting out all the way up to running large businesses.
  • I have years of experience working within design agencies and with companies large and small before I launched my own business.
  • I believe wholeheartedly that we all hold the power within us to create real change from the inside out; whether we are a singular person working on our business or a large company with thousands of employees. I believe in empowering every single person within a business to commit to creating change that can make waves all around the world.
  • I get excited by the prospect of amplifying the power of changemakers; using incredible design and a depth of understanding of how that weaves together for the best possible result.
  • My brands are living, breathing entities in their own right, not just a colour palette and logo. They are, in essence, your voice and values, rolled into an experience that ensures that your audience knows on an emotional level that they are right where they need to be.

My Creative Direction services are all strictly price on application.

Book Design

A book is a way for your brand + business to be noticed by the masses.

Believe it or not, I’ve never fully advertised in my business that I design books. But that hasn’t stopped me designing 5 books for clients in the past year alone! (I’ve also now got the book-design-bug + I’m re-releasing three of my books in all their printed glory in the next year alone!)

A book is a way for you to share your overarching brand mission + vision with a larger audience than ever before – and start a movement of people committed to your message. It’s a way for you to connect on a whole new level with your audience – and attract new audience members to your tribe.

I specialise in creating beautiful Printed books + accompanying eBooks for entrepreneurs + individuals who have a message to share.

My book design package includes:

  • A kick-off call to discuss your vision for the book, what you want to achieve, the style + brand that you want to create for your book experience.
  • Full front + back cover design branded to the book design + designed to catch the eye of your potential reading audience.
  • Fully branded design for printed books to CreateSpace standards (the best option imo for self-publishing, with listings on Amazon, etc) + a matching eBook PDF version to share with the world.
  • Amazon Kindle Publishing eBook version of your book.
  • 2 rounds of revisions to the book design.
  • 4 rounds of final copy edits + revisions for any missed bits of spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc. (Believe me – try as you might, you WILL have these issues crop up during this process!)

Prices for your book design start from £1000.

Payment plans are available. Price may differ depending on complexity + length.

Pop-Up Services

Branding Strategy Sessions

Coming Q1 2017

Brand Board Clarity Sessions

Coming Q1 2017

Creative Mentoring

Coming Q2 2017

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