The Rachilli Manifesto

Welcome to your revolution. Tap into the incredible power that you hold inside of you. Personality trumps perfection. Live a life full of purpose and magic. Allow yourself time to be creative and experiment. Believe in the purest of loves, the biggest of dreams and the most inspired imaginations. Don’t live your life by any rules but your own. Laugh as often as you can. Find the joy in all the small pleasures in life. Change the world, one small step at a time. Be kind and gracious to all you meet. Learn from every encounter you have. Indulge in what makes you happy. Discover what your dreams are and follow them to the world’s end. Have the courage to admit when you are wrong. Surrender. Allow yourself to be free. Follow your heart. When something doesn’t work out, learn from the experience. You are enough. Smile at everyone you see, for you might brighten someone’s darkest day. Mistakes may happen, but it’s how you deal with the setback that matters. Listen more than you speak. Only pursue that which makes you truly happy. Thoughts easily become actions, so speak kindly of yourself and of others. Relax. Make self-care a priority. Live a life full of intention, excitement and joy. Experiment. Explore new places, even in somewhere familiar. Use your imagination, don’t quieten it. Carve your own path. Start a revolution.