Over the past 4 years, I’ve spoken at events all over the UK on topics including web design, accessibility on the web, fear and discovering our inner superpowers.

I’m currently booking speaking engagements for June 2017 onwards. Please get in touch to book me in for your event. 🙂

On this page, you can find out info on my upcoming & previous talks and download slides or other resources from specific events.

Rachel, your talks never cease to inspire and motivate me. They’re always a helpful reminder that it’s ok—even wonderful—to be who we are and to embrace the things that make us different. I love the superhero theme you ran with for a while, and think back to those talks whenever I feel a little deflated. Thank you.

Dan Eden

Product Designer, Facebook

Previous Events & Talks


Manchester, UK
December 6th 2016

Responsive Day Out 3

Brighton, UK
June 19th 2015

Dot York

York, UK
May 1st 2014

MKGeekNight All-Dayer

Milton Keynes, UK
January 24th 2014


Bristol, UK
October 18th 2013

Hey! Stac

Leeds, UK
September 24th 2013

Reasons to be Creative

Elevator Pitch

Brighton, UK
September 4th 2013

Speak the Web

Manchester, UK
July 10th 2013


Newport, Wales, UK
May 1st 2013

Second Wednesday

Nottingham, UK
January 23rd 2013

The Digital Barn 2

Barnsley, UK
September 22nd 2012

MKGeekNight #2

Milton Keynes, UK
September 20th 2012

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