Site Credits

I could not have completed this website without the help of some incredible people, resources and a good old dose of inspiration.

All of the design, development, imagery and writing that you see on this website – unless otherwise stated – has been completed by me. Yep! I’m a wonderful hybrid, geeking out equally over gorgeous patterns and typography and creating magic, coding up my designs.

People :)

  • Layla Saad ( – for being my biz bestie, my unofficial coach and the constant shoulder I need when I’m having a wobble. An inspiration and totally the reason for me stepping into my Queendom!
  • Natalie MacNeil and The Conquer Club ( and – I can’t thank Natalie enough for consistently pushing and inspiring me to take my business to the next level. The Conquer Club has helped me level up my business completely and the wonderful ladies I’ve met as a result are just incredible.
  • Nikki Elledge Brown and A Course About Copy ( – without this copywriting course, the site would literally NOT be what it is today. I’ve learned so much about writing from my soul and Nikki is a brilliant teacher and fellow biz lady.
  • Fifi Scarlett ( – for inspiring me to be 100% me and teaching me so much about being myself in my business and in life.
  • Viktoria Kuti ( – for inspiring this redesign itself, letting me know kindly (but firmly) that I needed to plant more of my personality and quirky, creative self into my brand.


My logo is a completely custom design, based off my own handwriting. It was a painstaking process – isn’t it always, when working on your own stuff? – but has been well worth the work. If you look closely at the logo, you can also see all of the watercolour details that make up the pattern inside each of the letters too. #AllAboutTheDetails :)

Design and Graphics

Most of the graphics, patterns, photography and textures on this website were bought on Creative Market, Shutterstock or Design Cuts. Some were also created by myself. They were all heavily edited and repurposed to make up the base of the website you see today. I am 100% FOR supporting other talented designers by purchasing the work they’ve created (much better than I could!) and using it in my own work. :)


The typography and web-fonts you see on this website (unless used in images) are served by The fonts used are:

  • Bodoni Egyptian Regular – designed by Nick Shinn for ShinnType.
  • Freight Sans Pro (in Book for regular text and Semibold for Bold text) – designed by Joshua Darden for GarageFonts.

I chose these typefaces because – more than anything else – they felt right. My brand now is all about me, my business and the typefaces fit in perfectly with all of my brand values and style.

If you want to get a bit more technical about it…with Bodoni Egyptian as a slab serif, this offered a bit of structure to the headings (which is where it is primarily used) and leant a bit more of a traditional, elegant style to the brand. Freight Sans Pro has been a favourite type family of mine for quite some time now – and it was used in the headings, in fact, on the previous iteration of this website and brand. I felt that Freight Sans Pro, being a more rounded and humanistic sans-serif, had a lot of personality and was really good for reading, too.

And yes…I even chose Freight Sans Pro because of it’s BRILLIANT layout when writing a smile out. ‘Cos that’s how I roll – and I like to smile. :)

Tools & Resources

I use many tools and resources to build and run this website, including:

  • ConvertKit for my email marketing platform and to deliver my Revolutionary Brand Toolkit.
  • Krystal are my web hosts – hands down, the best support team for a web host I’ve ever contacted and the hosting is always such great performance.
  • Google Analytics and GoSquared for analytics tracking of my website.
  • Codyhouse for their excellent tutorials and scripts.
  • Modernizr to detect for features available on touch and non-touch-screen devices and customise their experiences.
  • Picturefill.js to help with responsive images on this website in particular places.

For more of my favourite people, resources and tools – visit My Faves page. :)

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