If there’s one thing I’ve heard from my clients using ConvertKit it’s this: it’s gorgeous, but they’re not sure they’re using it to its full potential.

Sound familiar? Feeling the same way? You’re not alone – believe me. Here’s how I can help you get started.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been an early adopter.

From somehow cracking into a password-protected snooker computer game as a 3-year old to joining ConvertKit as one of their first 100 Customers (#99, in fact’a’muncho!) way back in March 2015, I love taking a look at new platforms and figuring out the nitty gritty so that I can make it work for me and my business.

But I know that not everybody feels that way – in fact, I’m betting that you’re here because you need a smidgen of help figuring out exactly what to do with your ConvertKit account now you’re all signed up. That, or you’re a few months in and are still doing the basics of sending your weekly newsletter, but not much else.

(PS – Not signed up to ConvertKit yet? Grab a free month on me, via my affiliate link!)

And that’s where I step in. I’m Rachel, Head Geek (that’s a real title, I promise) & ConvertKit Certified Expert. 👋

I’m here to take away your ConvertKit tech headaches and transform your relationship with the platform, to help you use ConvertKit with confidence, and start communicating with your audience with clarity.

Why should I work with you?

Oh – I haven’t said hi properly yet! So…hey! I’m Rachel and, in a nutshell, I take your techie headaches and confusing terms and make it really easy for you to understand.

I’m not only a ConvertKit Certified Consultant, but have years of experience behind me in running my own web design & branding business. I understand the value of good design that’s integrated so seamlessly in your brand & on your website that it’s more effective at generating you sales and getting you more customers.

I also love geeking out over all the strategy side of email marketing and coming up with fun and unique ways that you can connect with your audience and do something a little differently. Email marketing is just one way that you can connect with your audience – and my branding work is all about how to help you become your most authentic self, so the two go hand in hand.

Word on the street is that I’m in the middle of creating a comprehensive course and guide called Brand with ConvertKit, so believe me when I say I know this platform inside out and know some of the most powerful email marketing techniques you can put into practice…today.

The Process


1. Pop your details in my intake form.

This way, I can get a clear picture of exactly what you want from your ConvertKit migration, the situation with your current platform, and how I can best help you moving forward.


2. We'll get on a call together.

You can choose to book right away, but most of my clients love to have a quick chat first so that we can discuss your potential migration in more detail. It’s super quick + really easy – no prep needed!

3. Your migration begins! I'll handle all the details.

Here’s where the magic happens! I’ll look after your whole migration, keeping you up-to-date on the progress through the whole process. You’ll soon be migrated to ConvertKit in no time!

Why ConvertKit?

In case you still need convincing 😉 The power of ConvertKit lies in its simplicity, but that’s also why it’s easy to assume that it isn’t as powerful as other email marketing platforms.

While it’s true that ConvertKit won’t suit every person or business I know…like every platform, ConvertKit is only as powerful as YOU make it become. I believe in pushing all of the platforms I use in my work to their limits, and this is what I do with ConvertKit.

Here are some other (more practical) reasons why I believe ConvertKit is a great email marketing platform:

  • It’s easy to use and there’s very little learning curve. Once you know how each part of ConvertKit works, it’s easy for you or your team to hop in and start using CK right off the bat.
  • It works FOR you and your business. And it saves you time! Once the initial setup is complete, ConvertKit works on your behalf and automates your sales funnels and email marketing with very little intervening necessary.
  • ConvertKit focuses on growing your list and your business. ConvertKit is a great platform for quickly and easily growing your list, your audience and your business.
  • ConvertKit is subscriber-focused, not list. Instead of paying for multiple subscribers, your subscribers are ONE person. That means when you have 1000 subscribers, that’s 1000 individual people rather than 500 people, on 2 lists.
  • ConvertKit automation is magical. Automation is a fancy term for “If this happens – do this” and ConvertKit’s automation is not only simple, but really powerful. You can automate your emails, tagging, segmenting and more – using ConvertKit as well as your other integrations. And with the new visual automations, you have the ability to create the most magical, powerful automations you can only imagine.
  • You can integrate with many platforms – and that number is only growing. When it comes to email marketing, the platform you choose can only be even more powerful when they connect to your other systems. ConvertKit has a list of integrations an arms-length-long, and it’s only growing with each month that passes.
  • Sequences are your best friend. In ConvertKit, you can set up sequences to run as sales funnels, nurture sequences for new subscribers, free email courses – and even paid email courses via other integrations.

Okay, I’m convinced. Help me move to ConvertKit!

YAY! I’m so excited for you. First up, let me tell you everything that’s included in my full migration service:

  • A complete, full migration from your existing email marketing platform to ConvertKit, for up to 10,000 subscribers. If you require additional subscribers, holla – I’ll still be able to help you!
  • Import of up to 30 lists as tags and segments. Plus, help organising these into more sensible and logical groups, where possible!
  • Import and transfer of up to 15 sequences, funnels, email courses or automations from your existing platform across to ConvertKit.
  • Setup of ALL your necessary forms (no limits here!) on to your website, including all of your opt-ins, landing pages, and content upgrades. Whether you’re on Squarespace or WordPress, I can help.
  • Full integration with other platforms you use that connect with ConvertKit – such as LeadPages, SumoMe, Coach, Zapier, Teachable and many more.
  • A video walkthrough of how your ConvertKit account is set up, with me walking through each part of your account and how this has been set up.

Plus, you get these extra bonuses:

  • A kick-off call with me to ensure we’re all on the same page and to set the goals and expectations of your migration.
  • Planning tools including: a funnel mapping chart; and tag, segment and list planner.
  • A custom email template designed and customised to your existing brand design with custom unsubscribe links.
  • 2-weeks of follow-up support for any questions you may have.

Investment: £500 ($700)

(currency conversion correct in Feb 2018)

If you require more subscribers, lists, sequences, funnels, email courses or automations there are packages available to suit you at a slightly higher price point. Fill in the form below with your details and an info package will be sent out that suits you. 🙂

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