Nkwashi Development

Branding & Website Design

Nkwashi Development

Nkwashi is a large property development in Zambia, situated to the East of Lusaka.

I was approached to work on the Nkwashi Development project when my fellow business owner and friend Stu Robson of Always Twisted recommended me as a designer who could work alongside him for the website design and build (me to design – Stu to build!).

I remember quite clearly how much the opportunity to work on this project excited me – it’s not every day that you get to work on a project that will quite clearly shape how a whole city is formed visually.

When working on the branding for Nkwashi, we focused on creating a geometric-style African Fish Eagle for the mark, as it is the National Bird of Zambia. Doing this kept the focus on Nkwashi having traditional roots, even though the city and its landmarks are quite modern in style. The typeface used in the Nkwashi logo is set in Canaro Bold, a typeface that held a lot of structure but was still full of personality – something that was really important, as at the centre of Nkwashi is the people that will live there.

I also got the opportunity to work on the logo for the American University that was in Nkwashi, as well as the logo for the Parkview Mall, a huge shopping centre that will be present in the city.

Website Design

Working alongside Stu was a great privilege – I got to work on the Nkwashi website design. We wanted to keep everything clean and simple, but the chosen colour palette for the website also leant itself really well to the website. With quite earthy colours used throughout, with a little splash of colour with the greens and blues in the logo, the website typography was set in Zona Pro for headings (a typeface quite similar to the Canaro used in the logo, though a little web-friendlier) and Brandon Text for the main text content. Brandon Text is a new fave of mine – full of personality and very suited to the Nkwashi brand and style.

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