The National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN) is a newly-established organisation that aims to bring together disabled staff networks, groups and fora all over the United Kingdom.

Being a brand-new organisation, NADSN needed a logo that would help set the tone for their brand going forward. Describing themselves as “a collective platform to share experiences and good practice, and to examine challenges and opportunities”, I wanted to make their branding represent the uniqueness of the individuals they were bound to help.

The Background

NADSN were in need of a beautiful logo and colour scheme as they were a new organisation without any solid design direction. The Steering Group behind the new organisation wanted a logo that would display NADSN’s purpose and that would help represent disabled people reaching their full potential – the exact type of people they are looking to help.

The Process

Due to some work I’ve done previously, and because of the work my family have done since I was very young, I had a great idea of the target audience for NADSN. I understood the difficulties they would face and knew from a little bit of research the exact tone that NADSN wanted to strike.

The logo and brand itself needed to be applicable in many situations. Not only would it be used in emails or on the website, but also in social media. Because of this, they needed a strong logo with logo mark that could be used both typography-only and logo-mark-only as the situation needed. Due to the nature of NADSN (and their audience being primarily disabled, or working with disabled people) they also needed a logo that could work when printed in black-and-white or photocopied and that was also suitable for people with colour-blindness or visual difficulties.

The Results

The new NADSN logo and colour scheme has been launched to the steering group to great praise. My idea for the logo is this: simple, clear typography with a mark that can be used as a brand symbol.

Logo Mark

Logo marks are often used as simple visual flair to add to typography for a logo. However, I really wanted to make sure I represented the NADSN’s mission through the mark. Because of this, the main star at the front of the mark represents each person – whether this is a person that the NADSN will help or a person within the organisation. As every single person in the world is unique – so is every star, which is why I thought it would be the perfect symbol. In that same way, every person’s disability is going to be unique in the way it affects them.

The second star (rotated behind the first) is to display the network of other people and symbolising how nobody should feel alone once the NADSN is there to offer support and guidance. The background to these two stars is then a container for the mark as a whole – and the organisation at large – and represents NADSN and the group of people behind it.

Typeface Choices

The font used in the NADSN logo is FF Enzo designed by Tobias Kvant for the FontFont library. I’m a big fan of FontFont typefaces as they always feel like they are full of personality – something I’m a massive fan of. Used in this logo in the Bold weight, Enzo is the perfect typeface – full of little quirks and flourishes – to display the personality that will shine through from each member of this organisation.

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