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MiRo Psychometrics

MiRo Psychometrics are a company that have their own psychometric tools, used to analyse personality types and personality in the workplace.

Founded in 2002 by Rob Chappell and Richard Spence, they both felt that they needed a new website to better represent their product, the brand and themselves. With a very tight turnaround – of only a couple of weeks – and wanting to stand out from other competitors, who Rob and Richard felt were outdated, the challenge was set.

The Process

As with most of my full web projects, where I take the project through from beginning to end, I started by researching a lot about the company and its competitors, as well as looking at all of the content of the current site and seeing how this fit with the vision for the new site.

When working on the project, I felt that the MiRo brand was stronger in some places than others. I began playing around with the typography and looking at the colours (that I loved and thought worked well with MiRo’s brand and visuals) and how these could start to slot into place with layout. All of this exploration and discovery was made quite quickly, due to the really tight timescale.

The timescale also meant that instead of creating any sort of visual or static mockup, I decided to jump straight into designing in the browser. When I do this, any sort of update to the site is very instant and it means we can iterate over the design quite quickly, instead of spending time in Photoshop or Sketch and then making these subsequent changes in the browser separately. This isn’t always the way that I work, but this definitely worked best for this particular project.

The Results

The new MiRo Psychometrics website was completed within a couple of weeks from first starting – and has served both Richard and Rob of MiRo very well since then, with them both finally happy to share their website with clients new and old.

We weren’t happy with our site and wanted something we could be proud of and would be happy to share with our clients. Rachel guided us through the process of getting our message across whilst still building on the branding we already had. We are very happy with the end product and recommend Rachel highly, she’s a star.

Richard Spence

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