Lodger App

Front-End Development

Lodger App

Brokers Direct, a company Ashley Baxter has ran for several years now, were launching their first digital product, Lodger App. Ashley approached me when she needed some help on the front-end build of the property management app, which she had built all the back-end for herself.

The designer on the project, Paddy Donnelly, did a brilliant job of the design for the app, and after Ashley had taught herself how to build the back-end of the app in Ruby on Rails, Ashley wanted a front-end developer to work on some of the more complex page templates so that she could then integrate these with the back-end.

The Process

Being the front-end developer on the project, and having the design already created, I could dive right in and start bringing the app to “life”. I started by coding up specific templates first, and although it wasn’t really part of the brief, I felt strongly about making the app work as responsively as was possible.

The Results

Due to tight timescales, this project was one of the shortest I’ve worked on – lasting only a few days – but it’s been worth it, for Ashley has been able to take the more modular styles and reuse these across the rest of the app from the few pages I finished for her. The app is now in use publicly and has been a testament to the great work that Ashley herself has put into the project.

I regularly work on projects with designers and front-end developers, but what makes Rachel stand out is her approachability and friendliness. Rachel definitely aims to please, and kept me updated on the progress in her characteristically upbeat fashion. I’m hoping we get to work together again soon.

Ashley Baxter

With Jack (Lodger App)

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