Katy Watkins

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Katy came to me when she wanted some help with getting her new website launched. Working primarily in the print industry, Katy didn’t feel totally comfortable working on her own to design her new website and was looking for someone who could offer some creative guidance and that she could work collaboratively with.

As Katy wanted to try and move more into the web industry, it was super essential that her new website was up to scratch and could show off her talents to the max. As Katy also wasn’t too confident with building websites, I provided the responsive HTML & CSS build, also integrating the final website with WordPress to make it easy for Katy to manage the site once we’d finished working together.

The Process

Working with Katy was a dream – as this was a big collaborative effort, Katy helped provide info about her brand as she saw it and I helped to translate this into a digestible format for the web.

Before we got started on the website design – which mainly happened when designing in the browser, due to the time and budget constraints of the project – a lot of sketching took place, with digital wireframes being created to try and help dictate the layout of the main pages on the website. Following that, we jumped into the browser to start prototyping and iteratively building on the design over stages.

As I was also helping consult with Katy on her personal brand, we also played around a lot with colour, typography and her logo mark (a lovely origami penguin that Katy designed based off the real thing). I’ve always loved working with other creatives, as it’s good to be able to bounce ideas around and have the freedom to play with the final result of the site.

The Results

The idea of this project was to give Katy a platform for her website that she could iterate on over time, something I’m glad to see that Katy has done since launching the site. I’m so pleased to have been able to give Katy a chance to improve upon her own skills, through learning from the website I created for her.

Working with Rachel was a fantastic experience. It was my first time working with a web designer and she made the process easy. She was open and encouraging but also not afraid to explain the potential problems in some of my ideas. In the end she created a site that perfectly fits my needs and can grow with me as things change. The more I use it the more I appreciate everything she did. In summary: A+, would be happy to work with her again.

Katy Watkins

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