Website Design & Development (Statamic)

Intelliact are a Swiss-based company, who place great emphasis on providing expert services that allow businesses to utilise their product data in innovative ways.

Having previously worked with the team at Intelliact on complex responsive UI design projects, I was tasked with designing and building a new web presence for the Intelliact brand. This project was a perfect example of investing in the time to properly research, design and build a multi-language, responsive website that still matches the Intelliact brand that their customers have grown to recognise.

The Background

Intelliact are a company based in Switzerland, where they focus on adding value to their customers through product data. I first started working with the team at Intelliact when I did some work on various UI design projects with them. Immediately I was struck by how fun they were to work with, so I was really excited when they got in touch wanting me to help them with the design and build of their own website.

The folks at Intelliact really understand and value investing in good design and the systems and processes that go with that. From the get-go, I took lots of time to research the needs and wants that Intelliact had for their new site. The team were really on-board with getting as much value from the project as possible, and so I flew to Switzerland for an full-day on-site workshop at the Intelliact offices in Zürich. It was here that we really started to nail down the inspiration for the website, the content structure and hierarchy and how this content was going to be laid out on the site via wireframes.

The Process

Working on the Intelliact website was a process that took place over a few months. I really wanted to make sure we got the content structure correct, as this website was also to be in three languages – German, English and French. Due to the various languages of Intelliact’s clientele, this was essential and meant that we needed to ensure that the design worked with varying lengths of content in all situations. The website also had to be responsive – and a big step up in terms of the design from the previous website that Intelliact had.

Due to the nature of the work that Intelliact does – very complicated and innovative software developments that fit into their customer’s companies and organisation’s seamlessly – they were able to get really stuck in with me and work alongside me, particularly in the early stages of the project. Starting initially with detailed wireframes, we looked at the structure of the content and how this all fit together.

Once we had the content structure and wireframes sorted, I moved onto the design. Due to several stakeholders being involved in the project, I wanted to create a homepage design (which was going to be the most unique page on the site) to help explain the look-and-feel that I was aiming for with the new website. Working with this design, I then started building a design system and jumped straight into building the website in the browser based upon the wireframes I designed previously.

Once the main website build was completed, I also integrated Statamic as the CMS of choice. This meant that the team at Intelliact could easily manage their site without touching their code, even though most of them were capable. It just made the process for them, afterwards, a lot easier.

The Result

The reason for Intelliact launching their new site was to have a more refined, on-brand web presence that their clients could connect with, and that they could attract new business through. The finished website was launched in October 2014.

From the beginning, Rachel had loads of ideas for how we could improve our website. Always really friendly, Rachel worked great within our whole team. We are really happy with our final website and all of the work was completed on-time and within our budget. Rachel is really good at what she does, with strong design and web skills.

Marco Egli

Intelliact CH

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