Ian, the editor of WebDesignTuts+, first contacted me early in 2013 to discuss writing some design articles for the Tuts+ network.

This soon evolved into writing a full series of articles, named Design School for Developers, where I would write about the fundamentals of web design for developers, or those new to design. The idea was to cover the basics of design in a digestible format, that made it easy for people to pick up and learn from.

The Process

Initially, I started to plan out the structure for the series. What I thought would possibly be a small task soon grew to be larger than first thought, with many articles planned. I then started to split these articles out into relevant groups, such as “typography”, “grids” and “colour”, among others.

What followed was very similar for each article. Although I’ve been designing for years, I wanted to ensure that the information I gave out to beginners was very relevant and very accurate. So for every article, I did tons of research and took many pages of notes. Not only did I do this, but I also realised my absolute love of mind-maps and made a mind-map for almost every single article! Call me crazy, but I’d rather plan ahead than forget something or not do it complete justice.

For each article, the research and note-taking was the bulk of the job. My task then was to convert all of these thoughts into an article that made sense and was fun and easy to read. I also created accompanying images and researched for real-examples for each and every article.

The Results

The first article went live on 8th July 2013, with the final article completing the series a mammoth 4 months later, on 1st November 2013. In total, there was 26 articles – including an intro and a fond goodbye! – with a massive total of 37,005 words for all articles.

A few more fun stats include the average article length of 1403 words, the shortest article (not counting the goodbye!) was just 129 words, and the longest article had a huge 2820 words.

The series itself has been really successful, with tons of comments on the articles and on Twitter. The series has also racked up over 336,000 views (at the time of writing, in late February 2014) since the series was first published in July 2013.

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