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When it comes to this particular client, you could accuse me of being a little biased…and you’d be right! Elaine, a travel consultant, runs Elaine’s Escapes – helping you to find + book your travel dreams, from holidays to business travel. Elaine is also my mum – and I sure am a proud daughter to see how much pride she takes in her work.

The problem:

My mum came to me as she wanted to expand upon the brand that she built through her franchise with Not Just Travel. While everything is still handled by NJT, she also knew that she wanted her own unique brand identity to run alongside the NJT brand so that she could grow her business in a more intentional, visible way.

Project Goals + Project Role:

The goal of working together was to establish a core brand identity that can stand on its own, as well as working alongside the parent Not Just Travel brand. It had to have its own unique personality, and to show off more of my mum’s quirky, fun side – whilst still having that professional feel and core brand style of NJT. My role in this was to act as Art Director and Designer, to bring this part of my mum’s personality to life in her very own brand.


Phase 1 - Research:

Once we’d finished the research phase of the project, we moved into designing a mood board for the project. Mood boards are a great way of getting clear on the visual styles that we want to carry throughout the brand, and introduce the colours, themes, and even textures that we might want to use within the visual brand and style.

Phase 2 – Brand Identity Design:

We first started by designing the logo typography to use for the Elaine’s Escapes logo. Because we were working alongside a ‘parent’ brand, Not Just Travel, it was important that we kept specific aspects of the brand, including colours, spacing, and format. (Side note: That’s why you’ll find that all of the Elaine’s Escapes logos were designed using the brand colours of NJT.)

It also meant that we had no need for a logo mark, as the Elaine’s Escapes logo was to be used beside the original Not Just Travel logo, which already had a logo mark – and it didn’t make sense to develop our own at the time.

The end result was this beautiful logo, using the Ginusto Blok typeface. We felt this had the perfect amount of friendliness, quirkiness, professionalism and style that we wanted to evoke through the brand and perfectly captured Elaine’s personality + values to a T.

Phase 3 – Design Partnership:

A huge part of Elaine’s Escapes is in physical merchandise that can be given out to potential customers, whether that is through events, networking or even wedding fairs. Elaine’s Escapes had a wide range of printed materials and brand collateral they needed designing. These included business cards, flyers, branded online forms, calendars, thank-you cards, and more.

We have also delved deeply into the marketing, lead generation and tool setup for the business, looking into ways to generate more leads for Elaine’s Escapes and how to manage that whole process from beginning to end, taking a client through from their first interaction to completing a booking (or two!).

We utilised tools like Airtable, ClickUp and Zapier to create a seamless set of marketing tools that have enabled Elaine to keep track of all the enquiries, bookings and customers that she has.

The Transformation + Results:

The transformation has been clear to see with Elaine’s Escapes. Not only does Elaine have her own brand, with its beautifully branded logo + printed collateral, but she is able to show up more confidently online and at local networking events.

Having her own brand has also helped Elaine to stand out from her fellow competition, with beautifully branded graphics and a brand that captures her personality perfectly, as well as showing her as the professional travel consultant that she is.

Within 24 hours of updating the Facebook page to include her official logo design, and updating the page name to reflect her rebranded business, enquiries were already on the up.

And the transformation isn’t over just yet – we’re now extending the brand out to include a website with customised and fully brand-infused landing pages, furthering her potential for growth even more!

Want to experience this kind of rebrand for yourself?

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"I have to admit to being a bit biased, as Rachel's mum. Rach has really helped me to get my head around what I wanted, and what I was trying to do. She is great for bouncing ideas off, and then working out with me the best way to do what I want to do.

She is not afraid of trying new ways of doing things, and is really quick to make suggestions of how business processes can be improved. Her ideas and suggestions about branding and marketing and business development are incredible, and have been so helpful. She is brilliant at breaking things down into chunks, and to the heart of the problem - and to top it off, she usually has a really unique suggestion to improve things. "
Elaine Shillcock
Elaine’s Escapes with Not Just Travel

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