Working on ::

😍 Creating new free resources for my audience on all things branding.

πŸ“ Getting back to creating content regularly again after a 2-year break.

🀘🏻 Working through Wandering Aimfully's Build Without Burnout program as a Tribute.

πŸ“½ Creating a series of digital products + mini courses on values + branding.


Focusing on ::

πŸŽ‰ Trying to follow a morning routine to set mysef up for 'success' each day.

βœ… Keeping track of my goals + priorities each week so I don't feel behind.

⏳ Making time for learning every single week, no matter what.

⭐ Creating more of a work-life blend, so that I work less and still get 'enough' done.

Last updated 19th March 2019.

This page is inspired by the /now project.

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