My Faves

There are a few resources that I absolutely couldn’t live without. Some I use for business purposes, some for personal. All I know is that without these people, courses, tools or online services + products I’d struggle a heck of a lot more than I do with them in my life.

* Please note that I may receive an affiliate payment or benefit for referring you via some of the links below. Know that I would never recommend something to you unless it had big impact on myself and I knew it could help you too.

My Most Recommended Resources

These are my most highly recommended resources – I know I wouldn’t be here, doing the work that I’m doing, without any of these.


I’m a newly devoted fan of ConvertKit. Founded by Nathan Barry, the great designer and author of Authority, ConvertKit is a new email platform – with a difference. I have never found such an easy email marketing platform to use – and because it’s a small team, they’re always open to feedback and add new features super quickly.

A Course About Copy

The words that you’re reading on this website? They all came about because of what I learned from Nikki Elledge Brown in her signature offering, A Course About Copy. I’ve never felt comfortable writing my own copy until I took this course. :)

Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

Lucky B has one of the most incredible communities in the entrepreneurial world – and the money mindset work that you do is just amazing. I learnt so much about myself and my attitude to money has completely switched.


I am NEVER without Evernote. It is on my Mac, my iPhone AND my iPad – so that I always have it with me. I use it for everything…taking notes, jotting ideas down, planning – you name it, I use it.


On no uncertain terms, B-School changed my life and business forever. It was the catalyst for everything I’m doing now in my biz. Marie Forleo is a genius and on top of the incredible course, the community is one of the best I’ve ever met.

The Alchemy Study

I would not have this website without the work I did in The Alchemy Study, by Cerries Mooney. Cerries is a wonderful lady and all the work I’ve done with her through her programs and courses have completely shaped my brand and how I work now.

Create Awesome Online Courses

If you’re wanting to create an online course, then look no further than David Siteman Garland and CAOC. It is BRILLIANT. Gives you step-by-step recipes and it just WORKS. I’m using CAOC to launch my signature program later on in the year.


Dropbox is my lifesaver when it comes to storing all of my documents. I’m a bit backup crazy, so I like to back up all my most important and likely-to-need-access-to files on both my Mac and my Dropbox. Get an extra 500MB of storage if you sign up through my link too. :)


Zapier is my other little secret weapon – it can be a little tricky to set up, but if you want to connect some of the services or tools you use, have a look and see if Zapier can do it for you. The possibilities are ENDLESS and the geek in me rejoices at that thought! Get an extra 100 tasks per month by signing up through my link too. :)

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