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Want me to deliver a powerful talk at your event, or chat with you on your podcast?

I love nothing more than helping empower other creative business owners to discover their superpowers, harness what make them unique + special, and figure out the next best steps to take. I believe in educating others on the power of incredible design and showing people how they can make a difference in their own business through intentional, values-led branding. Sound like a perfect fit? Get in touch below.

If you can’t already tell, I love a good chat… 🙂

But here are some things I’d love to chat about:

  • All things design (branding + websites, design vision, crafting your perfect message, bringing your most magical ideas to life)
  • How to discover your unique superpowers, what makes you unique, and how to harness that in your visual brand.
  • Why values-led design + intentional branding is the future of business.
  • Brand Strategy – and how to create intentional, aligned strategies that are all about long-term benefits and no short-term gains.
  • Running your own business alongside chronic illness, time management and productivity tips for business owners with chronic illness, what it means to be a creative with a chronic illness.

Side note: I’m not afraid to get vulnerable, and often show up and talk about all the fears and troubles I’ve been through to get to where I am today.

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My series of articles for Envato’s WebDesignTuts+, Design School for Developers, was published in 2013. A whopping 26 articles containing over 37,000 words altogether, the series was first published in mid-2013. As of April 2017, the series has been viewed over 560,000 times! Woopee!

26 Articles

37,000 Words


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