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One of my biggest values is generosity - and to be generous with my knowledge. I believe that everyone should be able to learn how to grow a brand + business through values + authenticity, and for that reason I've created a number of free + paid resources to help you do just that.

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Your Values Compass

£11 GBP   |   $14 USD

The Values Compass has been created to help you do one thing: create a set of brand values that will help guide you in any aspect of your business and brand from here on out.

Included is a mini guide to the work involved, an interactive questionnaire (via Google Docs) as well as a PDF version, a small video walkthrough (and hello from me!) and a fillable PDF Values Compass printable.

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Your Brand Map

Coming soon!

The Brand Map mini course has been created to help you map out five essential parts of your brand, all designed to help you move closer to crafting an authentic brand that is founded on your values and personality.

The five areas we cover are: your vision + mission; your brand values; your story; your marketing plan; and your aesthetics + visuals.

The course is a mixture of video walkthroughs, interactive workbooks (in both Google Doc and PDF formats), with printables and exercises for each module. By the end of the course, you'll have your very own Brand Map document that will XYZ.

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Design School for Entrepreneurs

Returning in October 2019

Design School for Entrepreneurs is a live program, designed to help walk you through my signature branding process and help you create your own brand design for your business.

Over a six-week period, we dive into everything that makes your brand what it is - from the foundational modules where we'll dive deeply into your mission + vision, through to learning about design theory, and then working up to the practical nitty gritty of creating your actual brand. Through it all, I'm there to guide you through my intuitive system + branding process.

This course is run once a year at the moment, meaning that you get a ton of extra support + guidance from me in creating your brand - it's the next best thing to working with me 1:1 on your new brand design!

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Branding Questionnaire

£4 GBP   |   $5 USD

Want to get to the heart of your brand, or feel like you can't answer simple Qs about your brand or your work?

I've been told that my branding questionnaire is one of the most eye-opening parts of my branding process - and so I've created an interactive version of the questionnaire, with XYZ+ questions and prompts, to help you figure out what matters most in your brand. This is delivered in both a Google Doc and Word Doc format.

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Pocket Guide

£4 GBP   |   $5 USD

A Pocket Guide to Working with Brand & Design Guidelines will help you get clear on how to utilise brand guidelines as a designer.

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