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A few weeks ago, I took part in Amber McCue's wonderful Planathon - taking part in a week-long video set of exercises aiming to help me plan out my business goals and aims for 2015. Needless to say, I got involved and got suuuuper excited at getting my plan on for the coming year.

The community for the NiceOps Planathon was incredibly supportive and it wasn't long before we started discussing 2015 planners. There are so many beautiful planners out there - but not one that really fit with exactly what I wanted to use on a daily basis.

So I decided to design my own. Introducing - my exclusive daily calendar printables.

The Calendar Design

In my quest for the perfect planner or daily calendar, I came across some beautiful examples. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner, The Passion Planner, Whitney English’s Day Designer…the list was endless. All of these were big inspirations, but didn’t give me what I needed to be looking at and using every day. Add to the fact that shipping to the UK meant lots of these planners were going to cost £60+ - a loooot of money for something that would get put aside at the end of the year.

In the end I thought hard - and asked my lovely entrepreneur friends! - about what I would like to use on a daily calendar, to help plan out my days. I realised that a lot of stuff we planned in the Planathon was something I wanted to see each day - such as the 90-Day Focus and my “Daily 5” tasks. Alongside this, I realised that if I set a daily focus and a weekly focus, the more that I write out these goals the more that I feel like they are attainable.

I also wanted space to jot down specific things that would happen during the day and have space for notes to jot down. I also wanted a place for my mantras at the bottom of the calendar - to remind me each and every day throughout the year.

The Theme & Colours

If there’s one thing I learned from the Planathon, it was that 90-Day Focuses are good for my soul and my sanity. By breaking down my yearly goals into 90-Day chunks, I have more specific focuses and can then break those down even further if I want to.

To keep that in mind, I decided to break my yearly calendar down into four quarters, with a colour theme for each month. While the style is very much to my own preference (I loooove a good watercolour texture!), the colours are there to break up each of the quarterly sections as my 90-Day Plans. So up first is pinks, followed by purples, followed by blues and finishing with greens. It’s a simple but important visual cue I wanted to use in the calendar.

How to Use this Calendar

Most importantly, use this how YOU feel is best.

I’m going to be using this calendar every single day. It is my go-to planner, it will help me focus on my daily, weekly and 90-day goals. Each morning, I will set aside 10 minutes to go through my planner and take this time to truly focus on what I want to achieve. I really think this will help me to achieve everything that I want to in 2015 - and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

All of that aside, I imagine the following sections will be used in this way:

  • Daily focus: Place your focus for the day here, ideally one main task or goal.
  • Weekly focus: Place your focus for the week here, ideally one main task or goal.
  • 90-Day focus: Place your 90-Day focus here. I have three goals for 90-days, so I would put these here.
  • Today: Use the time slots to write down appointments, or how you plan to structure your time.
  • Daily 5: Write down your top 5 tasks for the day. These should relate to your daily focus, to help you achieve that goal.
  • Notes: Use this to write down any notes - you can do this at the beginning of the day, during the day, or at the end of the day.
  • Daily Download: Use this space to write down the one, most important thing that you learned during the day.

Yay for freebies!

So by now, you’re probably wondering how on earth to get the calendar printables I’ve designed. The great news is - all you have to do is join my email list. Think of it as my little way of saying thank you for joining the list. You can join by clicking the button below, or filling in the little form at the end of the page.

Hope you enjoy the printables - let me know how you plan to use them yourself! :)


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