Learning How to Share

[intro]I touched upon this in my last post but wanted to talk about it in more detail. In 2012, I started speaking at various grass- roots events. Usually this is done at local events, but for me…well, I travelled a bit. :)[/intro] MK Geek Night The first event I...

2012 & 2013 – New Year’s Goals

[intro]2012 was certainly an interesting year for me. This year has had both its good points and its bad, but is ending well and although I'm super nervous about what the next year holds for me, I'm also really excited for the possibilities. I have a lot of exciting...

Make Wonderful Things

[intro]I recently started public speaking at local (and not so local!) web conferences and evening do's. Although it terrifies me, I'm loving it - but that's another blog post altogether.[/intro] I recently started public speaking at local (and not so local!) web...

What makes a good “front-end developer?”

[intro]Since I went freelance almost a month ago, I've been thinking about what it is that I do and what I want to specialise in. I had a good idea of this before I started freelancing but since working on more projects I started to wonder about what skills and...

Git Learning

[intro]Get it - git learning? Get learning? Yeah, I'll stop there. For a long time I've wanted to get into using Git and now that I'm working for myself, I see it pretty much as a no-brainer that I need to work Git into my workflow.[/intro] Last night on Twitter I...

Freelance Calling

[intro]Firstly, I'm sorry for how long it has taken me to write a new blog post. I made a promise to myself in March that I would write more and unfortunately, life took over and that promise started fading. However, there's some very good reasons for why I let it...

Something a little different – Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

[intro]Today I had a go at making some home-made chicken nuggets! I posted a couple of photos on Twitter and a lot of you have asked how I made them, so I thought I'd give a little background and post the recipe here. For those that want to just get to the recipe,...

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