I LOVE to write. Something about being able to get my words down onto (albeit sometimes digital) paper feels so good for my soul. Quite often, particularly when I get an idea into my brain, the words come pouring out and I post them here. Enjoy. :)

Freelancing: 2 Years On

The past two years have been transformational, to say the least. I was worn-down, a very unsure person with rock-bottom confidence. I didn’t believe in myself or my work to much extent, but I knew that I didn’t want another […]

The Give and Tell Challenge

The Give and Tell Challenge The point of this challenge is quite simple: You donate to a cause, or causes, that have meaning to you and you say why. You then challenge 3 other people to do the same thing. […]

Overcoming Overwhelm

​I’m sure many of you can relate to that as well – there’s always something on our minds that can distract us from our daily tasks and challenges. On top of this, I usually worry far too much about what […]


I first met Chloe at the last New Adventures, in January 2013. We immediately started bonding over our love for our pets (for Chloe it was, of course, FACE and for me, my beloved Pogo) and how many photos we […]

My Setup, Part 2: The Software

The first post talked about my hardware setup, and this second post is all about the software, tools and online services I use in my everyday working life. I totted them all up and there’s a whopping 50 (!!!) to […]

My Setup, Part 1: The Hardware

Deciding to write about my “setup” hasn’t been hard, but it’s a lengthy thing. I’ve decided to split the posts into five posts, each focusing on a different area of my setup. The first one (this one, you’re reading it!) […]

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The Rachilli Manifesto

Welcome to your revolution. Tap into the incredible power that you hold inside of you. Personality trumps perfection. Live a life full of purpose and magic. Allow yourself time to be creative and experiment. Believe in the purest of loves, the biggest of dreams and the most inspired imaginations.

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