Calling all Revolutionaries: Now is Your Time.

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October 28, 2015

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Have you ever felt that something is out there, calling directly to you? Is there something pulling you towards something great - but unknown? Do you ever feel like there's something bigger than you, just waiting for you to help bring it to life? Have you ever dreamed so big and so far that it scared you?

And now, I wonder...have you ever allowed yourself to feel that calling with all of your strength, all of your passion and all of your power?

For the past 18 months, everything has been leading me towards one thing. I know now that one of my callings is to create a revolution of soulful, visionary - yet empowered - entrepreneurs. And everything I've done since then is working towards that "end goal", though I personally doubt it'll ever end.

Elle Luna wrote an incredible book on choosing your "must" over the "should". That was my tipping point, where I realised that I truly had to pay attention to what the world was trying to tell me. I had to listen to my intuition and understand that I am here for a reason.

I've always felt a desire to change the world. When I was younger, I'd tell myself "But you're no scientist, you can't cure the world of horrible disease. There's no way you can change the world." Now, I realise that if we have a mission that we feel - or rather know - that we need to complete, we can access the true power that we hold inside and use this for good.

I know that truly incredible design can create lasting impact and change for the better. I realised that my own calling, to create a revolution and to change the world, was in reach simply through the very skills, knowledge and talent I have inside of me. By empowering other entrepreneurs, helping elevate their businesses and make the world more beautiful one entrepreneur's brand at a time...I'm creating the change that I truly desire.

So you might wonder why this is a call out to you: the soulful, visionary entrepreneur who longs to create something good through your own work.

Well the reason is quite simple.

I know that I wouldn't be where I am now - or where I will be in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years time - without taking the time to truly realise my own potential.

Knowing what I am capable of gives me the power and the determination to carry through on my mission, even when it becomes difficult to do so. Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing - it is something that is full of ups and downs, plenty of roundabouts and twists and turns. But when things get hard to deal with, I know that I can come back to that pure vision that I have for the future and remind myself of my own potential. And it is that which offers me the power to move through my life and work towards the dreams that I have for my life and those around me.

So my final question to you is this: what revolution are you going to start?

Answering that question might be a little hard. It might even make you fearful, for it feels too big to handle or for any one person to accomplish in one lifetime.

But know this: I believe in you.

By simply having these dreams and visions for your life and the change that you can create in the world, you already hold the power that you need to charge forward and just DO IT. It's all there - you just need to find it, nurture it and hold on to it.

Do not be afraid of owning that revolutionary power that you have.

We are all here to make a difference.

We all have a purpose.

You just have to find yours, and be willing to share it with the world.

β€” Rachel xo

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